Published: January 5, 2018

There is a good reason why collaborative divorces are becoming a more popular option: they offer a way to get a divorce with less of the two things associated with a traditional litigation-based divorce – high cost, high stress.

A collaborative process is ideal for couples who want to stay out of court and create their own settlement with the help and support of a registered collaborative divorce lawyer and other professionals trained to support the collaborative divorce process. The goal is to resolve issues and reach a settlement without the stress in a high conflict divorce.

Anyone interested in a collaborative divorce must commit to the three-step collaborative divorce process:

  • Each spouse hires a registered collaborative lawyer and meets with their lawyer to review key issues and provide any requested information
  • The spouses and their respective collaborative lawyers have four-way meetings to discuss all financial and parenting issues, come to an understanding of each party’s legal rights and obligations, explore options and create mutually acceptable agreements
  • A draft agreement is developed for review and approval of the spouses

Six reasons why a collaborative divorce could be right for you

1. You may spend less time and money, versus what typically happens in a high-conflict court proceeding.

2. The entire process may be less stressful because you are in control and work toward a settlement in a calming, neutral setting, not a courtroom, where the judge is the ultimate decision maker.

3. The final settlement is acceptable because it includes input from both spouses and their respective lawyers, who are focused on promoting cooperation, not confrontation.

4. The final filings of the divorce settlement is a simple, uncontested procedure. Your lawyers prepare the necessary documents.

5. Children experience far less stress during the divorce process, provided that the parents communicate in a constructive manner. Collaborative Divorce Parenting Specialists can help by teaching parents how to:

  • communicate effectively
  • create a positive parenting plan

6. By staying out of court, you keep your personal and financial information private.

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