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While our primary focus is Family Law, Real Estate Law and Estate Planning and Administration, we also accept inquiries from people who need a personal injury lawyer, a business lawyer and notarizing and commissioning. Maximize your chances of achieving a favorable result by contacting us immediately to book your free introductory consultation in our South Edmonton law offices.

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in an accident (automobile, life, disability, fire or property loss), protect your interests by:

  • calling the police (necessary to document that the accident happened)
  • taking pictures of your vehicle and the overall accident scene
  • getting medical attention and make the people treating you aware of any injuries and symptoms you believe are related to your accident (the resulting medical reports will document your injuries)
  • getting the names of any witnesses
  • keeping a diary of everything that happened, including the hours before the accident
  • saying as little as possible at the accident scene to the other parties involved (your comments could be used against you)
  • not signing anything

Most importantly, do not accept any inquiries from the insurance company representing the other side or a lawyer representing the other side. Instead, call us to arrange a free introductory consultation, where we will explain your rights and explore the potential for a settlement.

Business and Corporate Law

Advance the success of your business by engaging us to handle any or all of the following legal steps:

  • Incorporations:
    Contact us if you are interested in learning about the benefits of incorporating a business, which may include limited liability and reduced corporate taxes. If you decide to proceed, we can help by drafting Articles of Incorporation, registering the company and completing the internal organization of the company.
  • Unanimous Shareholders Agreements:
    These agreements set out the rights and obligations of shareholders. The nature of the agreement depends on the number of shareholders, the percentage of share they hold and the duties they perform. We can help by drafting an agreement that meets the needs of any company and its shareholders.
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses:
    We have helped clients complete all the legal steps required to buy or sell a business with confidence, knowing their interests were being protected.
  • Business Financing:
    If you are arranging financing for your business, we can help by preparing the necessary legal documents.

Commissioner of Oaths and Notary Public

Within the province of Alberta, a Commissioner for Oaths can administer oaths and affirmations and take and receive affidavits and declarations.

A Notary Public provides the same functions within and outside Alberta. We can help anyone who needs either service.

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