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You would be surprised by the wide variety of clients who ask us for legal help. They come from every background and every stage of life.

Some have lived in Edmonton all their lives while others have just set down roots. There are young families with newborns, couples who have been together for over a quarter century, seniors enjoying their golden years and common law couples. That’s only natural when your doors are open to any and all who need legal help* with the areas of law that have the biggest direct impact on our daily lives from birth to death:

We are also available for anyone who needs a lawyer in Edmonton to handle other legal matters, related to business and corporate law, personal injury and Notarizing and Commissioning.

Why timing is important

It’s never a good idea to put off a legal matter until another day as many cases become more complex as time goes on.

If you are holding back because of concerns about the cost of hiring a lawyer, you will find our legal fees are reasonable and fair whether you have a routine legal matter that can be concluded quickly or a more involved legal case that takes time to resolve.

Why wait? Get started today by requesting a free, no obligation introductory consultation with either Rose-Marie Cassis or Shaun Hennessy, the two lawyers at Coley Hennessy Cassis. Our law offices are located in south Edmonton at #212, 3132 Parsons Road (99 Street). Free parking is available.

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